Your Personal Touch is the Key to a Crowdfunding Campaign

When potential donors are considering donating to your campaign, it more than likely has to do with how they perceive you as an individual. Crowdfunding puts a face to a product, rather than the impersonal experience of buying something from a big box store. This is one of the reasons crowdfunding is on the rise. To take advantage of this trend, however, you need to make sure that you add your personal touch to all aspects of your campaign. It can be tempting to write in a more corporate style – it seems safer to use language devoid of emotion and tell, rather than show, the audience your product. But, to show potential donors that you are someone they want to support, you’ll need to make sure to let your personality shine through. Making your content personable is the most important for your video & pitch, social media, and when responding to donors.


Make sure to show your face several times during your video, at minimum during the intro and ending. It’s important that you look directly into the camera when you are asking for donations so you can make a connection with your audience. Try not to sound scripted when you are talking, even if you are reading off of a paper or teleprompter. To achieve this, read the lines out loud off camera and then when you’re shooting, paraphrase them from memory. It may take you a couple of times to get it right, but it will make you sound more personable and less robotic. Make sure to smile and laugh when appropriate! Don’t be afraid to show your personality in your video. Your audience will like to see what makes you, you!

Social Media

Just like your personal Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts, your crowdfunding campaign’s social media profiles are going to get more interaction and engagement if you share interesting, personal content. No one wants to read dry, dull content about your campaign. People want to see pictures and watch videos. It’s also perfectly fine to talk in a casual manner – leave the corporate-robot-speak to corporations! Not all of your social media pictures have to be professionally shot product photography either! Feel free to post selfies with you and your product and shoot Boomerang videos of product testers trying out your invention. Show behind-the-scenes footage and tell your story exactly how it is, raw and unedited. 

Responding to Donors

When people make a donation or comment on your content – on a platform itself or through social media – take the time to answer them individually. You should not copy and paste a standard response that you send to everyone. Your donors are individuals and deserve to be treated as such. If they ask you questions, answer them to the best of your ability and thank them for reaching out to you. Take the initiative to thank donors on social media right after they make their donations. They will likely share these posts to their own social media and it is possible that their friends or family will see your project and decide to make a contribution.

One of the main reasons people donate to crowdfunding campaigns is they like the personal touch that is not offered when buying something from a big box store. To take advantage of this fact, you need to play up the personality factor of your campaign in your pitch video, social media, and responses to donors. Offer them a window into who you really are so they can feel confident donating to your campaign.