Utilizing Your Personal and Professional Networks for Crowdfunding

There are several essential components to a successful crowdfunding campaign, including a great product or service, an impactful video, memorable rewards, and, most importantly, a network of people willing to tell your story. Without utilizing your personal and professional audiences for spreading awareness about your crowdfunding campaign, you will not be able to get the word out about your invention. It is important to reach out to people both through the internet and in person when looking for support on your crowdfunding campaign.

Personal Social Media

If you’re like most people, you have a variety of social media sites including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and more. These sites are a great way to utilize your existing network. Facebook and Twitter are the best places to start, but any additional sites are great as well. Post the link to your campaign along with a compelling call to action. Don’t be afraid to use humor! Tag your friends and family in the posts and interact with those who comment on them. Post different types of content, such as your campaign video, images, and text. Post no more than two or three times a week so you don’t annoy your friends and family. Even if your friends and family cannot contribute money to your campaign, encourage them to like and share your posts.

Professional and Niche Social Media

Sites like LinkedIn can help you reach out to professional contacts. Keep these posts straightforward and serious; include links to your campaign and other vital information, but leave the humor to Facebook and other personal sites. Write these posts like you are pitching your invention because there are many business people on LinkedIn.

Consider joining niche forums that encompass your invention idea. For example, if your invention is a kitchen gadget, look for online forums for cooks, both professional and hobbyists. Make sure not to use an overly promotional tone when reaching out to these groups of people. Just tell them the facts about your campaign and entice them to take a look.

In-Person Friends, Family, and Community

You’ve probably told your closest friends and family you are starting a crowdfunding campaign, but don’t be afraid to also reach out to your extended circle as well. Create some business cards or flyers and keep them with you in your car or purse so when you see your extended network, you can briefly tell them about your invention and give them materials to look into later. This can be applied when going to community events, as well, such as church, clubs, or local sporting events. Keep your pitch brief unless the person you are talking to is very engaged with what you are saying. Encourage people to find you on social media and share your posts as well as mention your invention to their personal networks.

In-Person Work

Although you may be tempted to post up by the water cooler and tell every thirsty passerby about your invention and crowdfunding campaign, try to quell your enthusiasm a bit. Casually mention it in conversation with your work friends, and if they bite the hook, give them additional details and tell them how they can donate. This would be another great opportunity to pass out your business cards and informational materials to those who are interested. If your workplace has a bulletin board, put flyers up and encourage people to come and ask you questions. One thing to remember when pitching your crowdfunding campaign at your job is to be sure not to distract from the reason you are there – to work!

When you run a crowdfunding campaign, you rely on your friends, family, coworkers, and acquaintances to help you spread the word about your campaign. Reach out to your network, provide them with information about your campaign, and encourage them to share it with others. Whether online or in person, know how to pitch to your network and give them the tools to help you.