The Importance of Networking with the Right People Before a Crowdfunding Campaign

When developing your pre-campaign, you will need to plan on networking. Networking is one of the most important aspects of attempting to raise funds for your invention. Even if you know the importance of networking, you may not know with whom to network with or how to make an attempt at networking. Here is who you should be networking with before your crowdfunding campaign and how.

Family and Friends

Some of the most important individuals to interact with when preparing for your crowdfunding campaign are friends and family. Reach out to those closest to you and who are the most supportive. The help from those who know you personally can be crucial.

If you are feeling nervous about asking your loved ones for donations, ask them to help spread the word about your crowdfunding campaign. Have them tell their friends and other family members. Soon, word of your invention and your campaign will spread organically. Remember, even if you are afraid to ask for help, these are the people who want you to succeed the most. Let them know about your exciting crowdfunding campaign, and how they can benefit by giving donations and getting the word out.


One of the easiest groups to network with are those with whom you are able to connect with on a daily basis. Your fellow employees and colleagues could be interested to know about your upcoming crowdfunding campaign.

Tell them how they can be a part of bringing your invention to life. Even if you are one who considers keeping business and personal life separate, consider giving them the basic details in a professional manner. Remind them that this is your business, and they too can benefit by becoming a donor. The ones who don’t wish to donate could still potentially be beneficial. Anyone who is able to spread the word about your campaign is someone worth networking. 

Your target market

When networking for your crowdfunding campaign, some of the most important individuals are those who fit your target market. These are the people who will most likely wish to give you donations in order to receive your product in return. Set one of your rewards so your potential market is able to give a set amount of money, and be rewarded with your invention.

When networking with your target market, make sure they are informed on how to receive your product ahead of time by donating. The idea of receiving a desired product before anyone else could give your target market the incentive to donate.

Social media connections

An easy way to network before your crowdfunding campaign launches is through social media. It is as easy as posting from your own personal page, and letting your friends and connections know the details of your campaign. Include a link to directly send them to your campaign site.

Sites such as Facebook and Twitter allow you to get your message to thousands within seconds. Consider making a social media account for your invention. You can gain followers by paying to boost your posts. Even sharing posts to your personal site could lead to more followers without spending a dime. Have your close friends share the posts to their page, and soon your message could reach nearly a million potential donors.

Crowdfunding is exciting, and you should not be afraid to fill everyone in on the details of your campaign. You never know how many potential donors you could be missing out on if you forget to network. Networking with the right people could lead to reaching your crowdfunding goal.