The Benefits of Backing a Crowdfunding Campaign

A crowdfunding campaign would be nothing without the backers to fund the idea. You may be wondering what the benefits are to backing a crowdfunding campaign. You may not have even realized there were any benefits at all. The truth is, there are numerous amounts of rewarding factors that go into giving your own funds to a crowdfunding campaign. Exploring a crowdfunding site could open up opportunities for personal benefits while simultaneously supporting an inventor. 


A variety of crowdfunding campaigns will offer rewards for backing their idea. These rewards could entice you into giving a donation to an idea you find valuable. When funding a campaign, you could be rewarded anything from a discounted price once the product has been manufactured, to a free item related to the campaign. Free items could include t-shirts, exclusive add-ons to the product or even being listed as an investor.

Product specials could be a likely reward offered during a crowdfunding campaign. A campaign for MONKII BARS 2 offered a wide variety of kits to backers who pledged certain amounts. For example, pledging an amount of $98 to this specific campaign gave backers a travel kit as well as a free App to help them utilize the product on top of receiving the invention once it was fully funded.

Bringing New Ideas to Life

Something that has the potential to be incredibly rewarding is making an idea a reality. At one point in time, even your cellphone was simply an idea. Imagine a world where everyone is not attached to the smartphone in their pocket. Now imagine a world where an idea such as the cellphone could have come to life even sooner, through the power of crowdfunding.

For the inventors of FireFlies, wireless headphones were once just an idea. These headphones were only an idea, of course, until they developed their crowdfunding campaign. Backers gave donations of a variety of different amounts, and the invention is now expected to deliver in September.

Contributing to Something Important

You may be wondering how you can contribute to something by simply going on the internet. A perfect way to do this is by giving donations to a crowdfunding campaign. Crowdfunding campaigns could be for inventions of life-saving products or even just a product that greatly improves daily life. By backing one of these campaigns, you are contributing to something important.

For example, the crowdfunding campaign for Darma was able to become 564% funded to reach funds of over $229,000. Darma is the world’s first smart cushion that monitors posture, sitting habits, and stress levels. For millions of individuals who sit all day, this cushion could improve health and wellbeing for long-term improvements. With millions of individuals living unhealthy lifestyles while having to sit all day at work and school, the Darma is able to give their bodies back the physical attention it needs to survive. 

Supporting a Small Business

Small businesses are important to keep the economy thriving. When it comes to crowdfunding, many campaigns are run by a small business. Crowdfunding is the perfect platform for a small business to attempt to raise funds for their idea. By donating to their campaign, you could be supporting a small business in a big way.

For the small business, Kite Products, crowdfunding was able to raise $567,764 to become 743% funded. Their product, Kite Shield: DEET-free Mosquito Repellent Spray was at the forefront of their campaign. A crowdfunding campaign was able to give this small business more opportunities to network, get their name to the public, and eventually raise funds.

There are many different reasons to want to make a donation to a crowdfunding campaign. Exploring crowdfunding as an individual offering funds could be an incredibly satisfying process. You could end up finding the perfect invention to help out by giving funds.