Inventors Can Learn from Inspirational Crowdfunding Campaigns

Without the great historical inventors of the world to come up with brilliant ideas that inspired generations, society would not have made such large strides and accomplishments. Unless you were well-connected like one of these famous and well-known inventors, such as Thomas Edison or Nikola Tesla, it would have been rather hard to inspire anyone with your idea.

Luckily, it has become much easier to reach the general public through the internet and other modern communication. Inventors have spread their inspiration to the corners of the earth by harnessing the power of crowdfunding. Here are a few inspirational crowdfunding campaigns.

Advancements in the medical field

Many adults and children suffer from stress, epileptic seizures, and sleep problems. The inventors of the Embrace Watch designed a product that would help monitor these problems on a daily basis for these individuals. They raised 514% of their goal, totaling more than $780,000, by appealing to donors with their passionate pitch.

Backers were inspired to help fund a product that could possibly save lives. Not only did they create a video detailing the product’s features and benefits, but they also used real footage to show how the watch worked. The video showed how the Embrace Watch improved the quality of life for a child with epilepsy. At the end of this video, the creators announced that for every Embrace Watch purchased, another would be donated to a child with epilepsy. This generous offer appealed to donors and encouraged them to support the project.

Advancements to everyday life

Travelers of business and pleasure alike face uncomfortable language barriers when traveling from country to country. Pilot, a smart earpiece that instantly translates languages, inspired backers to fund over $2.5 million dollars through crowdfunding.


The inventor spoke of his journey in creating Pilot in his campaign’s video. His story was about meeting a French girl who barely spoke English. He developed the translator because of her, leaving backers inspired by the tale of two lovers who found the solution to what was unavoidably pulling them apart. This true and romantic story allowed for backers to feel a real connection to the product and the inventor, encouraging them to fund the campaign.

Advancements in technology

Technology is one of the most popular and most funded categories in crowdfunding. The Spend Wallet did just this by creating a crowdfunding campaign for a wallet that digitally consolidates all of your credit cards into one secure device. The campaign raised $107,714 to become 346% funded by inspiring not just tech-lovers, but those who want to make spending safer and easier.

The campaign informed backers why they needed Spend Wallet technology through a video filled with valuable information and visual footage of the smart-wallet being used. Advanced technology that changes people’s daily lives, such as this wallet, could be enough to inspire the public to give funds. However, the featured video added to the allure of Spend Wallet by letting the viewer know that the funds will go toward a product that will forever change the way he or she handles money, credit cards, and transactions.

Advancements in security and safety

Security that is easily installable while also giving home owners and renters safety and peace of mind was the inspiration behind the crowdfunding campaign for Korner. Korner, known as home security for everyone, became 278% funded and raised more than $430,000.

Backers of the campaign were immediately directed to a video that inspired them to fund the security system. The less than two-minute video showed how easy and quickly the system was set up, giving the system credibility in being “for everyone”. The video also made backers aware of the affordability of Korner, proving that more homes could become secure for everyone, not just those who can afford a high-end security system.

Inspiring anyone can be a difficult task, but if you are able to do so through your crowdfunding campaign, you could be able to reach your goal. Not every campaign is ultimately inspiring right off the bat, but with a little work and video development, you could potentially encourage backers to fund your crowdfunding campaign.