How to Use Facebook to Help Your Crowdfunding Campaign

One of the best ways for your business to connect to the world is through social media platforms. Among the many different social media outlets, Facebook is the most popular for both business and personal life. For a crowdfunding campaign, this could be the perfect combination for raising funds. Friends, family and even strangers could find your product on Facebook, become aware of your crowdfunding campaign, and decide to give your invention their donations.

Connect with Friends and Family

If you have already joined the millions of individuals signed up for Facebook, you know that it is one of the best modern ways to connect with friends and family though the internet. For a crowdfunding campaign, a solid support system of friends and family could make an incredibly positive impact on your campaign. It’s essential to have 30% of your goal in pledged donations on day 1, and this usually comes from friends and family.

Friends and family might be more likely to want to support you and your invention, because they know you personally, and will want to support your endeavors. Don’t fear asking them for help when it comes to your Facebook page. Have them like and share your posts as much as possible. Ask them to comment on your invention’s post, especially once your invention’s Facebook account is new and still on its way to gaining content, followers and engagement.

Gain a Following

Crowdfunding is an attempt to gain small donations from a large group of people. By gaining a strong following, you could increase your chances at finding backers. One of the best ways to do this is by utilizing Facebook to its full potential.

Creating a solid Facebook account for your invention is the first step in the social media process; but finding followers, other than your main core of friends and family, to like and share your posts is also crucial. Start by sharing posts from your personal account. Once your friends see the post, they could then share to their own wall, reaching an even wider audience. This cycle continues to grow as more and more Facebook members like and share the content created for your invention’s Facebook page. Offer your loyal followers campaign insight for being a part of your Facebook network.

Post Frequent Campaign Updates

Once you have developed your following, give those followers frequent and informative updates. According to an article on Entrepreneur written by Kendall Almerico, “Successful crowdfunding through social media requires planning, dedication and determination.” Don’t simply hope for the best and post irrelevant content. Instead, these posts should be made before your campaign even begins. Announce the dates of your campaign as well as the funding goal and rewards offered for donations. You can even create a countdown on your account to the start of your campaign. This will get your followers excited and let them know ahead of time to prepare to offer donations.

During your campaign, keep your followers in the know on where you are with reaching your goal. Create posts that draw attention toward your campaign by using rewards if they have not already given funds. Those who have already donated may even want to give more funds in order to see your invention become fully funded, so letting them know where you are through your Facebook posts could be crucial. Inform them if you hit 25%,50%, 75% and 100% of your funding goal.

Boost Your Posts

Unfortunately, sometimes simply posting to your invention’s Facebook account is not enough to gain the recognition your campaign needs. According to Almerico, “Gaining financial support through social media is not as simple as posting a picture of your lunch on Facebook or retweeting the latest joke from Jimmy Kimmel.” Luckily, there are tools on Facebook to reach Facebook members who you could not reach by simply creating a post and clicking share.

By utilizing Facebook ads and boosting your posts, you could reach a wider range of individuals. You can even adjust your settings through Facebook to fit your target audience. Facebook allows you to target by age, gender, interest, and more. Set your own budget based upon your personal needs, and let your boosted post run for as long as necessary to reach your potential backers.

Facebook has become an important staple in the world of business. Both small businesses and large corporations utilize this form of social media to network and advertise, so don’t fear that it is not meant for your invention. Developing a strong presence on this social media platform can have a big impact on your campaign.