How to Set Your Crowdfunding Campaign Apart from the Rest

To someone who has never designed their own website, creating a crowdfunding campaign’s page can be difficult. Luckily, many sites give you guidelines to help you create your invention’s page. Your best chance at becoming funded begins when you fill your campaign page with enticing items that could be key to your success. Simply filling in basic information can be boring to potential donors. You want to prove to your backers that your invention is worth their money and time, and you can do so by making your page unique and pleasing to the eye.

Create a Compelling Video

One of the most important aspects of your crowdfunding campaign is your video. Your video is the first thing potential donors will view when going to your site. Creating a video that is high quality and that informs the public about your invention can be crucial to raising funds. Spend time before your campaign launches developing a compelling video. Some of the most funded crowdfunding campaigns featured a high-quality video, such as the the Flow Hive. When watching the video for this honey product, the viewer gains a sense of legitimacy through the video’s storytelling and product demonstration, which led the product to gain more than 38,000 backers.

Shoot a video that not only describes your invention, but also tells viewers about your campaign and why they should help you become funded. It is important to keep the video interesting and to the point. You do not want potential donors getting bored halfway through your video and clicking away from your invention’s page before learning important information that could make them decide to give you a donation.

 Develop Enticing Rewards

Deciding on different types of rewards for certain amounts of donations can be tricky. You want to make sure that the reward goes along well with the set donation, while also being sure to make the reward enticing enough for potential backers to want to give you their money.

Luckily, you can easily develop enticing rewards that go along well with your invention type. For example, the rewards offered for The World’s Best Travel Jacket were ones that enticed those who were already fans of the jacket to give donations. They offered a multitude of rewards for each style jacket that would allow donors to get the jacket for a much cheaper price before anyone else.  Fans of the jacket were quick to get this reward, and the campaign was able to gain almost 45,000 backers. 

Add Quality Images

An important aspect to developing a campaign that set itself apart from the rest is having high-quality images on your page. Of course, you may not be able to take professional images on your own, but if you are serious about your invention, you may want to consider hiring a photographer. By hiring someone to take images, you could make your invention look professional and legitimate. If potential backers come to your site, they could be more likely to give you funds if the images of your product are pleasing to the eye.

The crowdfunding campaign for the card game Exploding Kittens gave viewers of its page quality images of the product. Different images were displayed to show what the card game included as well as what the various cards in the game featured. This card game was able to gain nearly 220,000 backers and raise over $8.5 million.

The truth is there are millions of different crowdfunding campaigns across various crowdfunding platforms attempting to raise funds at the same time as your own. This does not mean that reaching your goal is not possible. If you are truly serious about receiving donations from potential backers, then take the time to develop a compelling video, enticing rewards, as well as quality images for your crowdfunding campaign.