How to Incorporate the Holidays into Your Crowdfunding Campaign

As an inventor with a live crowdfunding campaign, you will want to take full-advantage of the holiday season. The holidays are a time for giving, and to have a successful campaign, you need backers who are willing to give donations. They could even be willing to give a larger donation than usual around this time of year. You will want to be sure to follow these tips in order to use the holidays as an opportunity to raise funds for your invention.

Offer Rewards with a Holiday Twist

One of the best things to take advantage of is your rewards. Everyone is in search of gift ideas for friends and family around this time of year. Design a few rewards that will entice potential backers to give funds.

Consider setting a reward that includes a packaged deal of your products for your donors to give to members on their list this holiday season. This is a way for you to receive a better donation, and for more individuals to find out about your invention. It is also a way for donors to be able to give a unique gift, while helping an inventor become funded.

Post Holiday-Themed Images and Videos to Facebook

Everyone loves a little holiday spirit. Designing images or videos that incorporate the holidays could get the attention of your followers on social media. Even finding funny holiday videos or images, as well as creating your own, could be a great attention grabber for your campaign.

Another benefit to designing holiday-themed posts is the fact that it is great content for your page. You may be out of ideas to post to social media before or during your campaign. Holiday posts could be the best way to fill your social media with quality content that anyone could enjoy.

Ask for Donations in Place of a Gift

There is a good chance that there are a few loved ones who are just not sure what to buy for you this year. Luckily, if you have a crowdfunding campaign for your invention, you can ask those around you to give the gift of a donation this holiday season.

Don’t be afraid to tell those who love you what you truly want this year! You should be proud of your crowdfunding campaign, and be comfortable asking for donations. It is also an easy gift to give, so you would not be putting anyone on a crazy present hunt. Simply give them the instructions on how to donate to your invention’s campaign, and enjoy the gift of donations.

Taking full advantage of the crowdfunding opportunities this holiday season could be the key to raising funds for your crowdfunding campaign. Don’t be nervous to tell your friends and family about your campaign. Instead, make it known to your loved ones as well as your social media followers that you would love their donations this year.