How to Give the Gift of Crowdfunding this Holiday Season

With the holidays quickly approaching, you have more than likely begun the process of creating a list of gift ideas for friends and family. One way you may have not considered giving this year, is through crowdfunding. There are a few different ways you can use crowdfunding to give for even the most hard to shop for members on your list this holiday season. 

Donate in Someone’s Name

There are always a few individuals on your hard to shop for list. Whether it’s someone in the office or a friend whose name you pulled in the Secret Santa grab bag, you can give the gift of donating to a crowdfunding campaign in their name.

There are many different inventions out there attempting to reach their crowdfunding campaign goal. Choose an invention that the person you are giving to would love to see become fully funded. If the person enjoys sports, try to find a product that would appeal to the sport they most enjoy. On the other hand, if they enjoy inventions that benefit a greater cause, give a donation to something like Robin Hood, which focuses on funding programs for schools in New York’s poorest neighborhoods. By donating in someone else’s name, you can make someone’s day and also benefit a charity. 

Help an Inventor Fill their Stocking with Funding

If you are looking to pay it forward this holiday season, consider donating to a crowdfunding campaign. Whether you give a large donation or a small one, you can help an inventor fulfill their goals this holiday season. Every inventor who has set up a campaign for their product is hoping to find success and become fully funded.

Even if the inventor is a stranger, who does not necessarily have a product that appeals to you, you can still give and help the life of an inventor. Small donations from a large group of people add up quickly, and you can help an inventor become fully funded. Most campaigns have a reward set for giving a donation of as low as one dollar. If you are looking to make a small act of kindness this holiday season, consider helping an inventor by donating to his or her campaign.

Gift an Invention from a Live Campaign

A gift that can easily wow someone on your list, is one from a crowdfunding campaign. Many inventions with live campaigns are not yet widely known to the public. If you want to give a gift that will surprise your friends and family, an invention from a live crowdfunding campaign could be your best option.

When giving a gift from a live campaign, the product may not be available until the campaign has been fully funded. You have the option to donate a certain amount of money, and receive the product at the end of the campaign. Inventors offer their product as a reward as an incentive to get potential backers to donate. You may be able to receive the product in time to gift one, or you could give them the donation in their name. Either way, let them know they will receive their new and unheard of product once it has been successfully crowdfunded.

If you are struggling to find the perfect gift, consider gifting through crowdfunding for just about anyone on your list. There are countless products and ideas on a multitude of crowdfunding sites. You could find one just right for the person you are giving to this holiday season.