Explaining your crowdfunding campaign: Giving people a reason to give you money

People need a reason to give you money. Give them plenty of reasons.

For example, donors need to understand what you are raising money for. Explain your crowdfunding campaign, but keep it simple and tell your story in clear terms. Explain to donors why your campaign deserves to be funded. Don’t just say what you are doing, explain why you are choosing crowdfunding and how you are going to achieve your goals.

If you need some help, follow this simple rule journalists use to create the first paragraph of most news stories: Tell them Who, What, When, Where and Why.

Be excited about your crowdfunding campaign and tell people why they should donate. Your enthusiasm will help create excitement in your potential donors. Tell them why you are excited. Tell them why your crowdfunding campaign is important to you. Donors tend to fund ideas they are also passionate about and support people they know and trust.

It also helps to introduce yourself and your background. While your donors may already know you in most cases, they may not know your qualifications to complete your crowdfunding campaign. Explaining this can instill confidence in your supporters. 

Most importantly, make sure to include a video. The single most important element of successful crowdfunding campaigns is having a strong video that explains what you are doing, shows your supporters who you are, and lets them understand why you are so passionate about your crowdfunding campaign.

Have someone read over your crowdfunding campaign before you post it, and be sure there are no typographical errors or misspellings. Make sure the crowdfunding campaign looks neat and professional. Sloppiness will not impress supporters who are looking to help you become successful. If you cannot take the time to spell check and make sure your crowdfunding campaign looks good, why would a donor trust you to complete your crowdfunding campaign with any greater care than you took to post it online?

When explaining your crowdfunding campaign, be sure to give your audience lots of reasons to give you money. Tell your story, explain your strategy, show your excitement, include a video, and make sure everything is packaged professionally so your audience can understand why you are crowdfunding and why they should donate.